A brand new Attaque on Malaysian bicycle chain stores

ATTAQUE is Asia Pacific’s leading bicycle store from Taiwan founded in 2013 by Wei Hong-Fan, second son of Wei Yingzhou, chairman of Tingyi Cayman Islands Holding Corp and is officially opening in Malaysia. The Wei family is listed as number 2 on the Forbes Taiwan rich list with a net worth of USD8.6 billion having made their fortune in China’s food and beverage industry. The family has also invested in real estate, with a stake in Taipei 101, the island’s tallest building; fried chicken restaurant chain Dicos; and Taiwan Star Telecom, a broadband wireless telecom company.

Synonymous with large chain stores, Attaque has successfully opened more than 170 concept stores in Taiwan and China and is targeting to have 2,500 stores by 2015. According to Attaque Taiwan Headquarter’s General Manager Harry Liao, Attaque was established in 2013 and is the first bike store to carry multiple brands of bicycles with “A-class production and A-class services” business philosophy, aggressively expanding the business in Taiwan, China and Malaysia market, targeting to open 30 more stores by the end of the year.

Lending their aggressiveness from their name Attaque which means ‘Attack’ in the French language, in 2015 Attaque will continue to expand and enter Korea, Japan, Thailand, etc.

At the launch of Attaque’s 2nd Malaysian store in Bukit Rimau, Selangor, we caught up with Attaque Taiwan’s General Manager, Harry Liao to find out which Malaysian food best relates to the Gusto Bikes, his favourite route for cycling in Taiwan and the Attaque plan for Malaysia.

I tried and loved Laksa, as it’s almost similar to Taiwanese noodles, but sorry I can’t relate it to a bicycle.

What’s your favourite route for cycling in Taiwan?

My favourite route on my road bike runs along Taiwan’s beautifully scenic East Coast from Hualian to Tai Tung about 150km long.

Attaque Taiwan General Manager Harry Liao

Additional insight from the Taiwan Tourism Bureau, the waters off the Hualien-Taitung coast present some of the best opportunities in the world for viewing whales and dolphins, which migrate through the area or come to mate. Hualien-Taitung coastline also offers spectacular scenery and aborigine culture which make the trip an exciting experience.

How are you planning to introduce your brand in Malaysia and the rest of Asia?

To change things up from the conventional bicycle stores, we are bringing in Attaque to Malaysia through a new business model which brings in multiple choices and brands to a single retail shop. This will appeal to customers from all walks of life and those whom are also looking for all types of bikes, from folding bikes to steel bikes which is often considered a niche market.

Our model is based on a triangle with Amis as the basic brand of Sporty Aluminium bikes, rising to mid-level Dios Vient for Stylish Aluminium bikes to Gusto at the top providing Carbon and Chrome-Moly (Cr-Mo) steel bikes.

Furthermore, our Sales Managers will introduce a new model whereby the retailers do not need to order and hold a large inventory in their shops. As Attaque has a central warehouse, we do not encourage dealers to hold too much stock and suffer losses when they have to give discounts to clear stocks before new ones can come in.

What’s your game plan in Malaysia?

We also observed Malaysia’s multi-racial population, and do not think that this will pose any challenges to our business strategy. However, having multi racial staff would be a good idea to provide a familiar face for everyone in the Malaysian Attaque retail shops.

Next year, we intend to get involved in the Travel business as well, through bicycle touring. Attaque shop owners will be able to organise tours and take customers to ride through the beautiful majestic coasts and hills in Taiwan.

Although we notice the tendency to shift towards Road Bikes from Mountain Bikes, to expand our range we will also bring in new Mountain Bikes models from the Gusto brand next year to add to the hard tails in our current range in Malaysia.

When do you expect to open the next few Attaque bicycle retail stores?

In 2015, we will be opening the third and fourth stores in Malaysia. When our new model is running well and more dealers join this system, we will open more stores. We target to have a total of 2,500 stores within the next 3 years and by that time Attaque will have expanded to the whole of Asia Pacific.

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