Social Media Manager, Feature Writer, Geek in the Pink!

Hello, I’m Jyn Yeow. It’s getting increasingly difficult to describe myself in one line.

With smart phones and the runaway success of Facebook, I am getting involved in Social Media by setting up my own brand and company, while showcasing how we can now do things differently than before in terms of marketing, and advertising especially creating a buzz! Drop me a line if you want to know how we can work together.

Through the years, I’ve also had a few written articles on Travel and Cycling, published in Malaysia’s leading daily newspaper, The Star and an online magazine, Baik Bike (for cycling). I’ve also been featured in a few magazines e.g. Natural Health and Cycling Malaysia for my passion in cycling, was interviewed a few times by The Star for my involvement in Ultimate Frisbee and would you believe it, 5-star backpacking called Flash Backpacking!

Many people are surprised that I’m a geek at heart. Spurned by my love for Information Technology at a tender age, I started my career as a humble Web Programmer, and worked my way up to designing Information Systems for numerous industries including Football.

With an analytical mind, and a passion for data mining, this petite young lass has represented Asia at FIFA regarding Information Systems. Having IT mixed into Football, needless to say, it was my dream job!

In recent times, I’ve pursued a different level of IT i.e. setting up e-commerce websites and linking it up with Social Media. Watch me as I create the next generation of shopping malls online!

If you see a connection or a possibility of working together, do drop me a line and let’s make it happen!