Over the years, I’ve established several brands defined from my passion and hobbies!

Yumific Logo

Brand – Yumific. Knock, knock, have a Yumific day! (2013 till current)

  • Yumific is the brand behind Frutesca Groupbuy, Facebook Group.
  • Yumific advocates a healthy lifestyle and carries fruits, organic vegetables, Rainbow coloured juicing boxes and fresh juices from a slow juicer. More products shall be added on from time to time.
  • Through Yumific, we’ve also helped home-based business owners expand their reach. We’ve carried Homemade Sambal, Batik Cake, Layer Cake during special occasions and more are scheduled in the pipeline.
  • We also sold juices and cakes for different charitable causes for Children homes in Malaysia and in Myanmar.
  • Conceptualising this new brand is exciting and the possibilities are endless. Interested in getting involved? Drop me a note!


Facebook Group – Frutesca Groupbuy (2013 til current)

  • With the runaway success of Facebook, obviously I wanted to get involved, but how? Little did I expect to be able to provide a delivery service for premium imported fruits on Facebook someday. Sounds bizarre, doesn’t it? But it has been a decent success, by my definition anyway. Who knew?
  • The idea is to buy premium imported fruits e.g. cherries, avocados, peaches, lychee etc. from a wholesale supplier and share it with a group of people to enjoy cheaper prices. Throw in a delivery service and Frutesca was born.
  • Btw, Frutesca is the name of the Goddess of Fruits.


Company – Sports Disc Promotions Sdn Bhd. (2008 till current)

  • Through my involvement with the sport Ultimate (aka Frisbee), I setup this company when I co-organised the first international tournament for Ultimate in Malaysia, named Malaysia Ultimate Open in 2008.
  • We successfully ran the first edition involving 400 participants and spectators over 2 tournament days, with a few sponsors e.g. Murphy Oil, a property company and an entertainment company supporting us. It was a major success and the tournament now enters it’s 7th edition this year in 2014.


Blog – (2003 – 2008)

  • I started this blog as a way to track my travels, ultimate tournaments, hiking and running activities, review all the movies I watched and some random thoughts. This was the days before Facebook began!
  • I had built and programmed my own website with PHP from scratch and added a small chat script which I programmed too, and through it met many friends whom were chatting daily. We’ve kept in touch via Facebook, and still remain friends.
  • Shall dig out the old database and restore the blog postings I had slowly. 🙂