Burpee after burpee at Spartan Malaysia’s community workout at Fuel Athletics

Aspiring Malaysian spartans at the community workout hosted by Fuel Athletics

Aspiring Malaysian spartans at the community workout hosted by Fuel Athletics

Some 50 aspiring Malaysian Spartans had a free community workout hosted by the awesome trainers at Fuel Atheletics, to prep their skills and get ready for the next race.

Heard about the ‘burpee’ but have no idea how to do it? Coach Faizal and his crew demonstrated the correct way to do it, and graciously gave us 25 times to perfect it. How ‘generous’.

I’d never done so many burpees in my entire life!


Coach Faizal and his crew then set us up for a taste of burpees, lunges, bear crawls, commando crawls and more burpees. Aspiring spartans ranged from ladies to gentleman, the not so fit, the gym addicts and everyone else in between. We were put to the grind in 3 workouts after a 1km run for a warm up.

If you think lunges are easy, try doing 4 laps of walking lunges in the best possible form. No cheating now, keep those knees bended at 90 degrees. Certainly this was the most challenging workout for most aspiring spartans present here today. Coach had set out 6 optional tires as a ‘rest area’, but surprisingly, or not, no one took up his offer for a rest!

Amazingly, no matter how much their muscles were screaming in pain, and how tired they were, no spartan gave up! That is indeed the spirit of the Spartan!

With burning thigh muscles, the next workout started with ‘bear crawls’, over the big tyre, followed by 50 squats, and a commando crawl. At the end of the workout, we were ‘rewarded’ with another lap of the workout.

We might have been groaning, but secretly most of us were heaving a sigh of relief. At the beginning, we all panicked when we saw the big tyre, thinking that we would be flipping tyres today! Fortunately we didn’t have to, phew!

If you’re ready for the first Spartan Race in Malaysia yet, practise your burpees and get used to doing more of it. Apparently, if you skip/fail any obstacle at the race, you’ll have to do a penalty of 30 burpees. Ouch.

Get ready to get spartan on 10th October at the Spartan Race Malaysia. AROO!

For more info, follow Spartan Race Malaysia on Facebook.

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