Discovering Setia Alam Trail for Children

Setia Alam Trail Discovery for Children

Today I introduced a 6yr old girl, on only her 2nd hike to Setia Alam Trail. We did a short loop of 4.5km up to Peak Garden, a bit steep but she enjoyed herself and wants to hike again. She’s a champ!

A little princess stars in this trailer from today’s hike. The key was to distract her with butterflies, dragonflies, termites, big leaves, touch-me-nots and searching for soap berries to eat along the way.

She’s very intelligent, hence the idea of ‘discovery’ piqued her interest and she happily played along. There were times when she was getting tired (or faking it so that she could be carried) but the key it to keep distracting her with something new and she would forget her fatigue. She really did well!

Kurma Trail signboard along the Setia Alam Trail

The little princess with the Kurma Trail signboard

Search for edible Soap Berries along the trail

Search for edible Soap Berries along the trail

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