Freakish find at sunset along Desaru beach

Destination: Far end, southward down Desaru beach, distance unknown
Duration: Till sunset

That was all I needed to tell myself whilst walking on the beach. Yanked off my socks and shoes, and started off on a barefoot run on the beach instead. The haze was a bare minimum and it was a beautiful day ahead. Carpe diem!

The horizon spawned some silhouette of others water-skiing into the far yonder, probably having an testorone-fuelled run on motor-powered jet skis. I on the other hand, was looking forward to a fat-fuel burning adrenaline run, tasting the salty waters of the South China Sea with my bare toes.

As soon as I’d made my mark on the cool, wet fine sandy beach, the rising tide washed it away almost immediately, reminding me of my puny mortal existence. Putting me back into place, rather.

Running barefoot on the wet sand is far more difficult as the very foundation you laid your foot on moments ago, collapses into oblivion upon exertion of your own body weight. My ankle will be screaming 100 foot steps from now, I bet, having to bear the tension and balance out the body.

I heard some cheering from behind the mangrove bushes and noticed some school children on a camping trip cheering me on, so I waved back with a smile. As the distance trotted on, I turned back to check that I could still the resort from which I came, so I must’ve not gotten very far. On we go!

A compulsory stop for some selfie and panoramic photos and videos, I chanced upon a beautiful spiral shell, and a Hermit the Crab, which I tried to coax from its shell to no avail. I even tried promising it that I wouldn’t eat it. Really, I did, but no takers. Phooey. Even though the waves tried to drown it out of it’s shell, Hermit wasn’t budging.

I continued my run along the beach, trying to hop, as the tide came in. Must’ve proven to be some entertainment to some locals whom were also trying to body surf the waves. Without a board.

Unfortunately, my beach run came to an end where you can smell the stench of human existence. Why must we mere mortals make such an embarrassment out of our timed existence. There were some boats, a double-storey chalet, a few more chalets but a whole lot of rubbish. Sunset had crept in, trying to draw my attention to it’s beautiful ray of fading orange light. Alas, I was facing the wrong direction, being on the east coast of West Malaysia.

Back to my sojourn, I must head as I walked along the beach for awhile, admiring Mother’s Nature sculpture drawn in the sand with only receding waves as her paint brush. Amazing. And then I thought I saw two mollusks / shellfish, mounted on top of each other in a mating position. What a minute, I’m not making sense.

At first, I took photos from afar, afraid my presence would send them scurrying away. But no scurrying attempt was made. I now saw a triangular shape, like a space shuttle. Really, freakezoid! I crouched down for a closer look and yet it did not move away. Changed my phone camera to movie mode, to shoot the Freakezoid at close range. It appeared to look like a triangular crab, standing tall while feeding itself with feeder arms. Though I couldn’t see what Freakezoid was eating, it’s arms was just moving. I could barely make out Freakezoid’s eyes, as it had a lot of barnacle like moss on it’s shell. What I think, is it’s shell.

Daylight was fading fast and I didn’t have much time to take photos and videos. I made the best of the rare opportunity to document this Freakezoid. Strange indeed, and it seemed so alone. Maybe I should’ve taken it home, in retrospect.

Homeward bound! So maybe I had foraged further than the promised land, as home seems faraway, but this run has turned out to be so much more than whence I started. My ankle decided to remind me it had outperformed my expectations. The distant light grows bigger which each step. Hang on, my dear ankle, we’re almost home.

Freakezoid identified, possibly? Sharp-nosed crab, sharpnose crab • Scyra acutifrons

Watch the video I made on iMovie, filmed entirely on my Xiao Mi3. #DesaruFreakezoid


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