PCC Interstate 2014 Day 3 *meltdown*

From a cold mountain descend down Camerons at super high speed to sweltering temps, even my brains were fried. Princess candle is melting.. #PCCIS2014 Are we there yet?

With one shoe stuck to the pedal, Liaw put his mental to the pedal and pushed on to the finish at Damai Laut, Lumut some 170km away! — with Jian Hui Yeow Lydia, Wendy Ming-Huey, Richard Lee, Chee Kian Liaw and Afsar Ibrahim AL-Yafi’e.

PCC Interstate 2014 Post Day3

Yeow Mei Jyn

Little Jynx is Yeow Mei Jyn's alter persona whom loves travelling the world, cycling to explore new places and finding yummy eats in the smallest towns.

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