Saga Hill with North Face Malaysia Trail Runners

Even the slightest of elevations made a difference in the morning. It was noticeably cooler and slightly chilly as we walked towards the community area of the Taman Saga neighbourhood. The view of the city skyline dotted by KLCC Petronas Twin Towers, KL Tower and Genting Highlands was barely noticeable, still hidden in the lingering morning mist.

Morning salutations were exchanged and the warmup was quickly conducted before the sun rose gallantly behind Saga Hill in sync with all the early birds who just had the first worms for breakfast.

The North Face Malaysia's #9 Monthly Trail Run at Saga Hill, Dec 2014

The North Face Malaysia’s #9 Monthly Trail Run at Saga Hill, Dec 2014

It’s been awhile since I last trekked on Saga Hill, so I signed up for a run with North Face Malaysia’s monthly Trail Run. The first 40 minutes was an ascent of never ending series of man-made steps to prevent erosion on this highly frequented trail. Highway to heaven some say, while others huffed and puffed and paused for breaks.

We seemed to reach a playground, with seating area under canopies, a communal notice board even an outdoor gym. These facilities have been built over the years by the regular hikers of Bukit Ampang Hikers Association.

Today’s trail would take us through towards Ah Pek Hill top before descending to the waterfall. Finally the trail had flattened out, allowing us to run albeit a little muddy from the torrential monsoon rains.

Soon enough, we reached the top of Ah pek Hill and regrouped for a short while before heading towards the waterfall. Surprisingly, there weren’t as many people on the trail as I had expected on the weekend. Families have probably headed out for other plans over the school holidays.

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Hear the roar of the waterfall!

The path ascended a little before leading us on a steep descent towards the waterfall. Most of us were already dreading the climb back up on the return. Indeed, there weren’t many people at the waterfall and we practically had the whole place to ourselves. The perfect oasis.

It’s always amazing to take a step back and admire mother nature’s great creations. A few quiet rivers meandering down a hill, converging before leading off a steep edge, leads to a roaring waterfall below enjoyed with simple pleasures of the human race.

It was refreshing to splash the chilling water on my face to wash away the salty sweat after the run. The water was freezing cold, as I sat under the torrent of the waterfall for an aqua massage therapy, but I could not last more than a few minutes.

The last climb
The inevitable was awaiting as we left the comforts of the waterfall and scaled the trail back from where we came. Our cold and relaxed muscles were objecting to the sudden ascent. It soon tapered out and we were charging ahead once again.

All of a sudden, we came to a stop as someone chanced upon a scorpion in the middle of the trail. The scorpion was ready with its poisonous tail in attacking stance, ready to sting. We still took the opportunity to take photos of the stinged model from a distance. The slightest brush brought an instant reaction from the scorpion. Eventually it lowered it’s sting and moved away towards the bushes as we made our merry way.

The descent on the steps in my opinion, was worse than the ascent. It reminded me of descending the endless steps along Kinabalu’s Timpohon trail. We treaded gingerly as the impact is great on the knees.

It’s always a welcoming sight when you see the water cascading off the rocks at the entrance. It has been too long since my last visit here and today was a good reminder to return soon. A beautiful trail with a rewarding waterfall as the main attraction couldn’t be better.

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