Save Bukit Kiara

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  • Photo credit: Henry Goh
    Squirrel spotted in Bukit Kiara
  • Photo credit: Henry Goh
    A beautiful Sharma spotted in Bukit Kiara

My article below in tandem on my foray into Mountain Biking was published in The Star newspapers on June 1st, 2013.

A FELLOW birdwatcher, Henry Goh from the Malaysian Nature Society, opened my eyes to the varieties of fauna which can be observed at Bukit Kiara. When we run or cycle by so quickly, we fail to notice beautiful creatures within.

We enjoy listening to the harmonious sounds of the wild, yet often fail to spot the kingfishers, robins, woodpeckers, jungle fowls and even bullfrogs. Children who stroll the park with their families should be handed a pair of binoculars and taught to spot the colourful collection of creatures. They would be excited to see and learn about how we co-exist with nature, and develop a sense of ownership and responsibility for the environment.

Bukit Kiara has been the center of controversy. While some property developers want the land, various NGOs have come together in a Save Bukit Kiara campaign.

Bukit Kiara is, without a doubt, an important green lung for the city: a filter for the pollution from thousands of motor vehicles, a sponge to soak up the torrential rains which would otherwise flood the city and an oasis for all the people who enjoy walking, trail running and mountain biking through it. What’s not to love about Bukit Kiara?

When men finally realise they can’t breathe condos and money, it might be too late to save it.


As long as it’s valid, here’s the link to read the full article online and the PDF copy.

Save Bukit Kiara Online Link | PDF Copy

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 10.39.27 PM

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