The North Face Malaysia Monthly Trail Run #7 at Setia Alam Trails

Did you know there’s a beautiful trail here in Setia Alam where you can go hiking, running and mountain biking? The North Face Malaysia explored the cool, misty forest in Setia Alam’s backyard for a 6km loop in the 7th edition of their Trail Run.

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Now, there’s no need for Shah Alam folks to travel to FRIM, Gasing or Saga hill for a morning walk as you would get the same challenging tracks and a brilliant view at the peak, right here in Setia Alam’s backyard.

Over the last 10 years or more, mountain bikers turned trail builders have created trails along the way, mainly for mountain biking but also running friendly trails from Shah Alam’s side of the hill namely Alam Budiman and Puncak Alam towards Setia Alam. Before the dawn of development, mountain bikers used to boast about riding from Setia Alam all the way to Subang through oil palm estates and secondary forests.

Through their hard work, every weekend, many passionate mountain bikers and trail runners have found their way to Setia Alam trails. Recently, The North Face Malaysia brought more than 40 trail runners to test the singletracks, long and steep inclines only to be rewarded with a beautiful layers of mist adorning the horizons at the Peak Garden.

As the sun rose brilliantly casting a golden gleam over the hills, the group of runners started with a light warm-up before hitting the trails with designated sweepers at the back. Many of them were in awe at the trails which meandered through the secondary forest utilising some old logging and forestry maintenance trails, from the ‘M.O.U’ trail to ‘Masterpiece’ and out to ‘The Wall’ which has been sadly bulldozed by developers. We reconnected at ‘Lefty Peak’ towards the Peak Garden which meant it was a relentless uphill climb most of the way, albeit only for an elevation of 200m, I took short breaks on the pretext (read ‘excuse’) of filming a short video.

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The mountain bikers amidst the runners are also inspired to return to put the trail to test on their mountain bikes, or is it the reverse? However, today, we inched our way down a steep trail meant as a ‘downhill track’ for mountain bikers, as it was also slippery from the relentless recent monsoon rains. Oh, I know the hard core, brave ones with balls-of-steel would relish going down this ‘Flores’ trail at high speeds.

Indeed it was a lovely morning to be out and about, forming the perfect symbiosis with the forest as they provide us with fresh and crisp morning air.

This has been the first break from the grey doomsday-like haze for many months. When the trails flattened out, we managed get a decent pace leading onto the ‘Mini Grand Canyon’ where many a Godzilla reenactment has been filmed.

Sadly, the trail run had come to end for today shortly after, just 6 kilometres ventured and explored. We exited onto a tarmac road near a new block of apartments which reminded us about the dawn of civilization and the harsh heat of concrete it brings.

Looking back fondly at the forest, I look forward to the next visit here be it to hike, run or mountain bike, and to test out the many other trails out there or perhaps to mark a new one.

Yeow Mei Jyn

Little Jynx is Yeow Mei Jyn's alter persona whom loves travelling the world, cycling to explore new places and finding yummy eats in the smallest towns.

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  1. shiwi says:

    I like the video so much! May I know what kind of camera or recorder u used?

  2. Andrew Ong says:

    Interesting write up…video great..Xiaomi Rocks!

  3. Yeow Mei Jyn says:

    Thanks, Andrew. Indeed, Xiaomi rocks, been so surprised with it’s camera and video functions.

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