What do you need to go mountain biking?

My article below on my foray into Mountain Biking was published in The Star newspapers on June 1st, 2013.

From Right: Kevin Han, Miyuki Pua, writer Jyn Yeow, Ong JM, Bobby and a friend.

From Right: Kevin Han, Miyuki Pua, writer Jyn Yeow, Ong JM, Bobby and a friend.

For staters, a mountain bike ! Carry a backpack with water bottles, or a Camelbak with Hydration packs if you already have them. Bring some snacks like granola bars, cereal bars or chocolate if you must, for intermittent snacks. ALWAYS ride with a helmet and don’t forget your shoes! I can’t tell you enough times how the unassuming helmet has saved my life numerous times already.

No helmet, no ride.

The most important element, bring supportive buddies ! True friends whom have hilarious chatter and banter on the ride, yet will see you through the (roller coaster) ride. It’s definitely buddies whom will keep your motivation high, and make sure you return after each ride. You will only get healthier and fitter, what a great plus !

First-timers can visit wide friendly trails like those found in FRIM (Forest Research Institute of Malaysia) in Kepong. I started on the Rover trail, and ventured onto Steroid which is a steep gravel incline but only managed to cycle up one third of the way. I had lots of determination but I didn’t have enough gears! Pushed up one third, and cycled up the last bit. The Pinus trail is also beautiful but I couldn’t managed on my bike again. Coming back downhill was a thrilling and exhilarating ride ! You can also venture to Sungai Buloh via the back entrance and visit the village nearby to refill on fresh coconuts! Extremely refreshing on a hot sunny day.

I have yet to attempt other trails, but I hear from the mountain biking community that KDCF, Kota Damansara Community Forest and Kemensah near Zoo Negara are great options. Once a month, you could also join the KLMBH, KL Mountain Bike Hash on their hash events at various locations throughout Selangor, and even Pahang.

As long as it’s valid, here’s the link to read the full article online and the PDF copy.

Tips for Mountain Biking Online Link | PDF Copy


What do you need when you go mountain biking?

What do you need when you go mountain biking?

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